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HIPower Extra Fields


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Marelli Extra Fields


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Why Are Industrial Diesel Engines So Efficient?

Industrial diesel engines have been used for more than a century in myriad applications including power generation for the oil and gas industry. One of the main reasons for the success of this engine type is due to its internal combustion method which promotes engine efficiency and reduced fuel consumption. No Spark – Efficiency Comes […]

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The difference between used, rebuilt and remanufactured diesel engines

Diesel engines are have long been used successfully in multiple industrial and commercial applications around the globe, due in part to their efficiency and long life span, and constitute the vast majority of units in service. Coupled with an electric generator, these gensets are valuable energy sources where there is no connection to a power […]

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When Disaster Strikes and The Lights Go Out: 5 Steps for Calculating the Right Size Rental Generator

There is rarely time to plan for an emergency that leaves your business without power, but that does not mean that you must close the doors. You will need power to get repairs done and recover from a natural disaster. Sizing the right generator for your electrical needs is important and with the help of […]

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All Natural Gas is Not Alike

Natural gas is natural gas, right?  Actually, that’s incorrect. There is a significant difference between wellhead or ‘raw gas’ that comes directly from a gas producing formation and ‘pipeline gas’ which has been treated to rid itself of impurities and is acceptable for transporting for home or industrial uses. The major difference is that wellhead […]

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Cheaper, Cleaner, More Efficient

There is nothing wrong with using diesel engines. They have been an industrial mainstay for more than a century and have proven to be reliable and perform admirably.  As part of our broad offering, we sell and lease them for many applications, so we know how well they perform. For remote oil and gas drilling […]

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