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Eurozone and the US Economy

In an election year, news coverage focuses mostly on local and national politics so it can be hard to follow world news. Since the 2008 financial crisis, however, smaller European countries including Greece and Ireland, as well as major Euro players like Spain and Italy have been struggling to stay afloat. Now the Eurozone is teetering on the edge of collapse with countries like Greece...

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Shale Energy and the Development of the Modern Economy

In a June 2009 Energy Information Administration study, nearly two-thirds of American oil was imported from overseas. Alaska contributed just 11 percent of domestic oil, with various oil fields in the continental U.S. supplying the rest. Just three years later in 2012, the U.S. is producing 38% of its own oil domestically, and taking measures to reduce dependence on gas and oil. What's the...

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Cost of Diesel and Natural Gas Generators

When planning to purchase or to rent a generator for your business, the kind of fuel that the generator uses–typically natural gas or diesel–may not be your primary consideration. If you’re ordering a generator because a storm is imminent and you need to know that you’ll have the power you rely on to do business, chances are that you’ll be more concerned about weathering the storm. If...

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Hurricane Preparation 2012: Develop a Plan, Save Money

The Atlantic hurricane season kicked off on June 1 and continues through the end of 2012, with the potential to affect the Caribbean, southeast and northeast United States. While the season thus far is quiet--and is forecast to be a less active hurricane season than 2011--it's always a great time to make sure your business is prepared for a hurricane. Residents of upstate New York certainly felt...

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Ultimate Flexibility for Emergencies and Opportunities: A Resource for Small Companies

Recently, a small drilling company contacted Worldwide Power Products (WPP) seeking to replace a diesel generator quickly. The company had experienced a generator failure on one of its natural-gas drilling rigs, and ordering a new, replacement generator from Caterpillar would take six months. All the firm’s other rigs were in operation, so switching out rigs wasn’t an option. As a small...

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Preventative Maintenance Keeps Your Generator Working

Everyone who either owns an electrical generator or is considering purchasing one surely recognizes the value of an uninterrupted power supply. Indeed, the purpose of a power generator is to ensure that its owner is never left without a reliable source of electricity. Generators are extremely durable; however, like all complex machines, they require a reasonable amount of upkeep. Regular...

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HIPOWER HMW1020 T6U Generator Set

What is a Generator?: The Blueprint for Power

The history of generators can be traced back through Michael Faraday’s discovery of electromagnetic induction, Werner Von Siemens’ dynamo and Nikola Tesla’s induction motor. A generator provides electrical power and electrical generators housed in power plants provide nearly all the power for today’s electrical grids.  A subset of generators is the engine-generator (sometimes called a...

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