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"WPP's service and technical power solutions expertise was fantastic during this process. We couldn't believe that they could do this turnkey as quickly as they did -- but they delivered!"
Harris County MUD 43

Project Details


Installed power
300kW - EPA Tier 3

Fuel type

Generator model

Spring, TX


A 25+ year old backup diesel generator that provided power to water plant failed during hurricane season and the customer needed a replacement generator and turnkey solution in a timely manner.


Quickly engineer and install a new generator in less than half the standard lead times and before the peak of hurricane season.


A 300kW diesel generator set paired with Eaton S611 soft starter and plumbed-in a custom valve system to the backup fuel tank along with remote monitoring capabilities.


Customer dealt with WPP as the sole vendor, which saved significant time and money versus dealing with multiple parties. WPP delivered a more efficient and cost-effective backup power system in less than half the typical industry timeframes.


200HP Water Pump at Harris County MUD 43 Water Plant. WPP can analyze your load profile and help you select the most efficient power solution.

Harris County MUD (Municipal Utility District) 43 is one of more than 1,200 special districts in Texas created to provide utility services to nearby residents. MUD 43’s activities include water, sewer, garbage, and recycling services for the neighborhoods of Birnam Wood III, IV, and V and Villages of Spring Oaks.

The MUD obtains drinking water from groundwater sources, then treats it in its treatment plant and pumps it to each home. This is a very energy-intensive operation that may be exacerbated by summer storms bringing high levels of water and/or knocking out grid power, making a backup power system incredibly important.

With Hurricane Laura bearing down on the Gulf Coast, the MUD’s dilapidated backup power unit failed during a test and needed to be replaced quickly.

WPP’s Response

Our first step was to assure the client that we could have a rental generator to the site on short notice if the storm threatened to knock out power to the water treatment plant. Next, our team visited the site and removed the old generator, poured a new concrete pad, and sized a new generator.

Instead of installing another large, 500kW generator, we advised the client to incorporate a soft starter into the system. These devices use transformers to adjust voltage and slowly ramp up the motor to match the load. Because it also connects to the utility, not just the backup power, the soft starter will have a direct impact on improving the longevity of the plant equipment, in addition to being more efficient overall. It also reduces the size requirement of the generator, allowing us to select a 300kW model instead of a 500kW model, at a savings of over $20,000 on the generator alone.

The previous setup also consisted of a 500-gallon diesel fuel tank on site, which the client supplemented each hurricane season with an additional 1,000-gallon tank it rented at significant expense. In the design of the new setup, we placed a 24-hour fuel tank on the generator and plumbed in the existing 500-gallon tank via a valve system as a backup that can be switched to if needed.

Within five weeks–compared with a typical time of 12 weeks to complete a project like this one–WPP had handled permits, setting in the new unit, wiring it, and decommissioning the old unit.

MUD 43 - WPP diesel generator on-site

To ensure a seamless installation and less headaches for the customer, WPP coordinates all of the logistics including permitting, trucks and cranes.

Superior Performance for Years to Come

The MUD wanted a generator company that could handle the entire project from start to finish, turnkey, but also handle the upkeep on the system over its lifetime. By choosing WPP, the client ended up with:

  • An upgraded, more efficient system that saved thousands of dollars upfront.
  • Smaller utility and fuel storage bills over the lifetime of the system.
  • An estimated doubling of the motor’s lifetime thanks to the addition of a soft starter.
  • Dedicated maintenance by our skilled techs, including 90 days of free remote monitoring.

MUD 43 - Installing generator onto concrete pad

WPP will be on the project every step of the way, from engineering to sizing, ordering, project management, installation, commissioning, and support of the equipment through its life.

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