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Project Details

Food and Beverage

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Houston, TX


As a manufacturer, the customer needed emergency standby power to ensure the ability to operate and meet deliverables even during outages.


Install a new generator with more capacity than the customer previously had.


A 500kW diesel generator, fully installed on an upgraded concrete pad, w/ City of Houston Permits.


Gulf Coast Distillers is protected from the lost revenues accrued during work stoppages due to grid power failure.


Gulf Coast Distillers aerial shot in Houston, TX

Distilling is a very energy-intensive operation, especially for making whiskey, which includes processes such as malting, kilning, mashing, and effluent disposal. At Gulf Coast Distillers, the largest distillery in Texas, the company produces several varieties of whiskey, as well as vodka and gin, inside its 300,000-square-foot plant. The facility also houses a coffee processing operation, a storage warehouse, a bottling area, and a climate-controlled tasting room.

As with all manufacturing businesses, Gulf Coast Distillers’ revenue is directly tied to its ability to roll products off the line. Even brief outages can interrupt the carefully formulated distilling processes–some of which take place around the clock–and result in a different-tasting spirit.

Neither scenario is acceptable for the customer’s brand.


The main challenge on this job was that the generator site had originally been created to accommodate a small genset. And although the old unit had already been removed before we started the project, we still had to deal with a tight space in which to maneuver and equipment that was not up to the task of supporting a larger unit.

Tight space for new backup generator at Gulf Coast Distillers
Newly poured concrete pad for standby generator at Gulf Coast Distillers

WPP’s Response

We engaged and managed two subcontractors–electrical and crane & rigging–to facilitate the placement and installation of the new 500kW generator. We expanded the concrete pad to fit the larger generator set, and upgraded the transfer switch and breakers to handle a larger load. 

All work was done in cooperation with the City of Houston’s Office of Plan and Review to ensure the project was properly permitted and abided by city codes.

Installing backup power generator by crane onto concrete pad at Gulf Coast Distillers

WPP Stepped up to the Plate…

New generator and automatic transfer switch at Gulf Coast Distillers

“Worldwide Power Products stepped up to the plate in a major way for our operation. Due to several costly power outages due to the grid instability, we needed a turn-key generator installation and maintenance plan for our facility. As the largest whiskey distillery west of the Mississippi and operating 24/7, we needed to ensure all processes and systems operated around the clock. Thankfully, today we have our emergency power needs covered.” – Carlos DeAldecoa Bueno, President & CEO at Gulf Coast Distillers

Cheers to Another Successful WPP Project

With the 2021 Winter Storm power outages still fresh in Houstonians’ minds, backup power is high on the priority list for most businesses. Our customer now has reliable backup power, at a power level they can know will keep high-energy manufacturing operations running until grid power is restored. Best of all, they got this peace of mind in one comprehensive package, with WPP handling permitting, transportation, electrical work, and commissioning, a true turnkey solution.

New standby generator installed at Gulf Coast Distillers, Houston

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