Transporting Generators to Remote Locations in an Emergency Situation

As storms pound Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida, more people are wondering about generating power in times when the electricity goes out. This is especially true for those in rural communities where power workers are not able to get things back up and running very quickly. In those locations, getting mobile generators can be a matter of life and death for those that need refrigerated medication. At the very minimum, mobile generators are crucial to returning life to normal and going back to work. There are several important factors to consider.

The most important factor is how easily the generator can be attached to a car or truck for transporting. Whether it is diesel, natural gas, portability is the chief factor in getting the generators to a remote location. These locations often are several hours from a transportation hub and need trucking or hauling with a car to bring them to their intended location.

The size of these generators generally range between 15 kW to 2500 kW. That means that some generators need to be hauled by large 16 wheelers while others can be attached to regular consumer trucks.

It’s not only transporting the generator – it needs to be installed upon arrival. Some units are designed as “quick-connect” where assembly and installation are incredibly simple. The lower the kW the easier to install.

Facilities, buildings, and homes, can all have different voltage requirements. Most rental style portable generator sets can actually switch between 120V/240V 1-phase, to 120/208V 3-phase, and 277/480V 3-phase if required. The worst thing would be to haul a generator to a remote location only to find out that it is not the size or voltage capability to power the facility.

Ensuring the generator set is the right size to power your facility may be the most important exercise in the process. If you do not know what size you require, locate where your utility power comes into the building. Look for the main disconnect (typically with a large lever on the side of a gray panel), and ready the amperage on the tag on the front panel… 200A, 400A, 600A, 1200A, are all common sizes you will see. They will often tell you what voltage you require as well on the same tag.

One typical generator is the 1000 kW Caterpillar G3516 Natural Gas Generator. This generator can be hooked onto a heavy duty truck for hauling to a remote location. It’s triple axle trailer and back wheels allow for easy hauling without extensive preparation. That is perfect in times of natural disaster or when a remote facility needs power right away and has easy access to a natural gas supply line….. Running on the natural gas allows you to run for extended periods of time without having to “refill” a fuel tank…….. this is not typical but great for us to market this genset!

One very common generator is the XQ100 Caterpillar Portable Generator. This small generator is perfect to power large homes, medical tents, restoration equipment, dehumidifiers, tools, or even smaller commercial buildings. It’s ball hitch can easily be hooked onto a F150 or Chevy 1500 truck, even a power sedan and driven to remote locations due to its small size and flexibility. It is powered with diesel gas and has all three voltage options available.

A larger generator is the 2500 kW Caterpillar 3516C-HD Generator. This is one of the most powerful generators weighing around 90,000lbs, and needs to be hauled by a certified trucking company. It has the ability to power entire complexes, hospitals, and large commercial skyscrapers if necessary. These powerful generators are used by governments and large businesses to power their remote facilities. It has a 3272 HP diesel Engine, a Sound attenuated enclosure for quiet operating, and an on-board 1600 gallon fuel tank. it sturdy.

Worldwide Power Products is a leading provider of mobile generators, to buy and rent, in a number of sizes and capabilities. The firm provides high quality equipment that is sure to last long enough until power is restarted. For more information, please contact us.