Dual-fuel kits help reduce Eagle Ford emmissions

Texas is a large state. Everything about Texas comes super sized, including the Eagle Ford Shale Play – it is the biggest single development project in the great state of Texas. My company, Worldwide Power Products (WPP), is in Houston. As its vice president, I follow the happenings at Eagle Ford carefully.
One aspect of the play as it undergoes development is the commitment of the stakeholders to disrupt the environment as little as possible. This effort includes curtailing emissions from power generator equipment and diesel motors. It is an area of concern out in the production fields where WPP helps oil and gas producers meet their commitment to cleaner sources of energy.

As a worldwide provider of engines and power generator to oil and gas developers around the globe, we recently signed a partnership arrangement with GFS Corporation, a company that makes bi-fuel kits that once fitted on a diesel generator or engine allows it to accept natural gas as a fuel. Once installed, the kits cut fuel costs for producers by as much as 70 percent. Diesel powered engines and generators continue to run on diesel with the GSF kits, but adding natural gas to the fuel mix, creates vast savings on fuel costs. Saving is great enough that in a few months the equipment is paid for.

Equally important, our partnership with GFS results in users of their bi-fuel add on finding emission reductions from 50 percent to 70 percent depending on load the equipment is handling.
GSF modification kits are not the only way producers achieve low emissions. WPP has other low emission equipment including natural gas generators that are also crucial in the struggle to keep emissions under control. Many companies have installed equipment that meet or beat standards well before the EPA deadline.

Our industry has a rich history and culture of working within regulatory requirements. South Texas Energy and Economic Roundtable (STEER) member companies share their data voluntarily with Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Keeping Eagle Ford Play as a low emission production area for oil and gas is a tall order. Working with producers, I am confident that WPP and extractors will continue to extract fuel oil from every geographic form, including shale, in the cleanest way possible.