Time to Prepare for the Upcoming Deepwater Drilling Explosion is Now!

Shale drilling may be the current buzz, but deepwater drilling is quietly recovering from the Macondo spill with explosive growth. As you may remember, the 2010 Macondo disaster in the Gulf of Mexico caused deepwater drilling to take a nosedive. Recent studies show that drilling is on the upswing and things are going to keep looking up in the near future. In fact, 2012 drilling levels were almost where they were before the Macondo disaster.

A recent study shows that in the next decade, the amount of spending on deepwater drilling across the globe will nearly triple. Current numbers in 2012 were around $43 billion worldwide; this number is expected to break $114 billion by 2022. Drilling operations around the world are planning to bring new drilling locations online to meet the demand. While most of the drilling is still happening in the Gulf of Mexico, with much more to come, Arctic regions are being tapped into, and this exploration will only increase in the future.

So, what does this mean for you? To put it simply, more revenue. The global drilling explosion is great for both workers and businesses alike. Nearly 40,000 new jobs are expected to be created in the next few years to keep up with this demand. More drilling locations are coming online and more equipment and services are needed to meet these requirements. This translates to additional sales for companies who support these drilling operations.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to take action to prepare for this surge in production. In times past, we’ve seen many small operations be left behind due to lack of planning, while the “big guys” bring in unheard of profits. Get a plan together to meet the demand of your current clients and to bring in new business. Find suppliers that can keep up with your needs so you can keep up with sales. If you are affiliated in any way with offshore drilling, you need to be prepared for this greater demand so you can meet the needs of those you serve. Preparation today translates to more clients and more income tomorrow.

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