Ultimate Flexibility for Emergencies and Opportunities: A Resource for Small Companies

Recently, a small drilling company contacted Worldwide Power Products (WPP) seeking to replace a diesel generator quickly. The company had experienced a generator failure on one of its natural-gas drilling rigs, and ordering a new, replacement generator from Caterpillar would take six months.

All the firm’s other rigs were in operation, so switching out rigs wasn’t an option. As a small firm, they didn’t have the space or financial capacity to maintain spare units or even extra parts in an equipment yard. Fortunately WPP was able to deliver a fully warrantied, surplus unit almost immediately, and the firm had the rig back up and operating within days.

Although we were delighted to help this customer out of a tight spot, it left me considering the fate of other small firms that don’t have the luxury of backup equipment on hand.

Small firms thrive by being more nimble than their larger counterparts. Being able to make just-in-time power-equipment purchases—whether for sudden failure or a fast-developing, new business opportunity—gives them the flexibility to be hyper-responsive.

WPP is also a small, rapidly growing company, and we understand the importance of remaining nimble and responsive in the field. To help our customers in this quest, we have developed strong relationships with manufacturers and a comprehensive, searchable inventory database. We fully inspect all equipment before sending it out to a customer. We also can arrange for set-up and regular technician service, if desired. In short, our mission is to keep your business running at full power.