Choosing The Right Generator For Your Drilling Rig

There is a seemingly endless amount of drilling rigs and compatible generators. For each combination, there seems to be an equal amount of diverse and far-off oil fields to drill. Naturally, the mix-match nature of drilling rigs, drilling rig generators and oil fields can leave some of us in the industry, even seasoned experts, completely perplexed about which combination is best. I have found that regardless of whether a drilling rig generator is meant for more desolate conditions, or a fairly routine drilling location, you can never consider enough variables. This is primarily due to the fact that once you commence drilling, a number of things can happen to throw you for a loop, which most notably include environmental factors, varying terrain, and any other unforeseen circumstances.

The Essentials To Look For In The Right Drilling Rig Generator
Throughout my years in the industry I have come to realize that regardless of the job, conditions, or drilling rig, there are always a few common things an on-site generator should have. To give you a better idea of what I mean, here are the things I look for in a good on-site generator.

Adaptability: A reliable drilling rig generator is one that can prove itself in practically any situation, and under any circumstances. In other words, versatility is key when it comes to operating under varying environmental conditions, such as harsh heat, and other extreme weather.

Alternative Fuel Sources: Another useful quality that more modern and versatile drilling rig generators share is the ability to run off other fuel sources than just diesel. For the longest time diesel generators dominated the industry, however, more recent innovations have been made, allowing generators to run off alternative fuel sources like methane and natural gas.

Reliability: Drilling in the middle of nowhere can be ironic in that it is one of the most remote forms of work, yet it requires the most reliability in terms of power. If you and your team are hundreds of miles away from civilization and suddenly lose power, it can be catastrophic. For such reason, reliability in a generator is paramount.

Additional Things To Consider In A Generator
Whether it is a single diesel generator, or several natural gas generators, a reliable model must provide power in the most extreme conditions, and in the most remote locations. In addition to performing under pressure, a good generator will require little maintenance, and hopefully zero downtime. In terms of operating expenses, maintenance can be costly, and downtime in the field can be even more expensive. Regardless of extra initial cost, a quality generator that does not breakdown, or require much maintenance, is crucial to the success of drilling.

From my experience, one of the most underestimated traits of a quality drilling rig generator is toughness. Powering a drill site is a lot different than powering a municipality or similar facility. On the job, a generator must withstand unstable and rough terrain, as well as constantly being surrounded by dirt and debris.

Lastly, in the new age of strict regulatory standards, it is important to consider such performance aspects of a generator. In other words, if a generator is not performing properly, then it should either undergo necessary maintenance, or be replaced entirely in order to fulfill the regulations and requirements expected of it.

As high of expectations as I have for all the diesel and natural gas generators we sell at Worldwide Power Products, I am also absolutely amazed at how well they standup to harsh conditions and performance tests. A solid generator will never let you down under such conditions, and if it does, you need to find a better option.