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Involved with over 100 countries across five continents, HIPOWER Systems has constantly been the main provider of power generation packages to clients serving the oil and gas, rental, and other industries that requires stand-alone power throughout the United States and Canada. HIPOWER Systems has a global presence that ensures world-class products and is proven to deliver the best experience possible for all of their clients.

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Founded in 1982 in South East Spain, HIPOWER Systems’ and their parent company, HIMOINSA, are both known to be one of the top five generator companies in the world. HIPOWER Systems offer a one-stop solution to all of their client’s power requests to develop the maximum efficiency without harming the environment. Serving nearly every residential, commercial and industrial market segment, plus the five core markets, including Rental, Standby, Wielding for adjustment needs, Oil & Gas, as well as Service and Parts Replacements, HIPOWER Systems rental packages and power distribution equipment is recognized as the top power solution source for emergency and disaster relief.

HIPOWER Systems considers quality, safety, technological mastery, and superior engineering and craftsmanship as the four most important attributes of its products and processes. HIPOWER Systems has no trouble comprehending the harsh onsite conditions their equipment might have to work in, so they manufacture new prototypes and optimize existing models of power generation equipment and packages in order to work through any onsite conditions at an optimal level. You can trust on HIPOWER Systems to only select from the most reputable, quality controlled vendors for their components used in their generators to ensure high-quality products. Nothing will get the work done like HIPOWER Systems.

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At Worldwide Power Products, we are ready to meet any of your power generator demands- big or small, simple to complex, urban or rural. Our experienced staff and techs can deliver the power systems and support you need at reasonable prices. Please view our current inventory for new and used HIPOWER generators, so we can help you fulfil the checklist that you are looking for. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us directly and we will answer all of your questions in a timely manner.