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New & used generator ends

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Worldwide Power Products features a wide selection of new and used generator ends from manufacturers such as Marelli Motori, Caterpillar, and Kato.

A generator end (also called alternator) houses electrical conductors which react to the engine's mechanical energy and convert it into useful electrical power. A generator's output of electrical power is measured in kilowatts.

In principle, any AC electrical generator can be called a generator end (alternator) but usually the term refers to small rotating machines driven by automotive and other internal combustion engines. Here are some informative articles on generator ends and their application.

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  4. Kato 6P6-2150 Generator End - 600V

    800 kW

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  5. Caterpillar SR4 Generator End

    400 kW

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  6. Marathon 250kW Generator End

    250 kW

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  7. Marathon Generator End

    172 kW

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A generator set combines two components to form a single power generation equipment. It is often referred to a generator or a genset. The front part is the engine that provides the power to the unit. The engine can run on a variety of fuel sources, most notably natural gas, gasoline or diesel.

The critical back portion of the genset is the generator end which provides the electric energy for creating power. The generator size can cover a large range, from as small as 10 kW to as large as 10 MW or beyond. The combined unit can be supplied as mobile, standby or fixed. Mobile units are often trailer mounted for temporary or emergency use.

These major genset components need to be reliable, robust and capable of working in a variety of climates and operating conditions. That is where Marelli generators and Worldwide Power Products stand out.


Worldwide Power Products has built a global reputation for being able to solve customer power generation problems in oil and gas, marine, and other industrial applications. Worldwide Power Products stock is immediately available in Houston. When replacement generator ends are needed, WPP has the solution and expertise to refit your genset.

Our distribution agreement with Marelli Motori generators allows us to recommend the ideal size to match your power requirement, design, engineer, fabricate, and perform the complete installation. This enables WPP to replace any of the industry's leading brands including Marathon, Caterpillar, Stamford, Leroy Somer and others. Marelli generator ends are in stock locally and most models up to 750 kW are available immediately. Rental houses, end users, and resellers alike know that they can count on WPP to meet their needs.


Worldwide Power Products has the experience to properly size your generator end for the application, matching it with its intended load and performance requirements. With this information, our sales and service personnel ensure that you obtain the best solution possible guaranteed to meet your needs.

The Worldwide Power Products team custom packaging team has the ability to package out your equipment with Marelli generator ends to meet a variety of applications. Whether it's a portable package for a rental fleet, an offshore marine application, or a drilling rig in Texas, WPP has engineering, design, and shop personnel with the expertise necessary to provide specialized solutions for any of these applications and more.

Let Worldwide Power Products be your power solutions partner. Call us today.