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Caterpillar (CAT) is the world’s largest manufacturer of generator sets, with the largest range of specifications available. It is also an international leader in manufacturing a variety of power generator sets, including Gas generators, Diesel generators, and Marine Diesel Generator sets. Each of these generators provides power in different situation in order to fit your needs as there are many options to choose from. Caterpillar is the leader in the manufacture of diesel and gas generator sets with more than 450,000 kW installed in construction sites in a single year. Caterpillar machinery can be easily spotted and recognized around the work field because companies trust Caterpillar to bring them the best results.

Every product manufactured by Caterpillar is built to the highest standards, for high efficiency, low fuel consumption and global emissions compliance. Caterpillar diesel generator sets deliver reliable, clean, and economical power in the most demanding conditions and even emergencies. From 36 kW to 17,460 kW of power potential, each Cat diesel generator set is designed, engineered and manufactured for high efficiency and low lifecycle costs in order to reach optimal performance. Durability, reliability and efficiency build a solid foundation for any fully integrated power system, so you can depend on Caterpillar to give you that solid foundation. Caterpillar can help solve your unique challenges by creating a fully integrated power system that is developed from their complete range of long-lasting products. is ready to meet any of your power generator demands- big or small, simple to complex, urban or rural. Caterpillar generator sets come in a wide range of options to match the power that you need and is proud to offer a wide range of new and used Caterpillar generator sets for uninterrupted power supplies. Our experienced worldwide dealer network can deliver the power systems and support you need at affordable prices. Please view our current inventory, so we can provide you with world-class power today. If you have any questions, feel free to fill out your information below and we will answer all of your questions in a timely manner.

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Diesel Gas
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
 3406C  C1.5 (SP)  G3306 NA  G3406 NA
 C15 Acert  C1.5  G3406 NA  G3406 TA
 C18 Acert  C2.2  G3306 TA  G3412 TA
 3412C  C2.2 (SP)  G3406 TA  G3412C LE
 3512  C4.4  G3412 NA  G3516 LE
 3512B  C4.4 (SP)  G3412 TA  G3306 NA
 3512B HD  C6.6  G3508 LE  G3406 NA
 3516  3306B  G3512 LE  G3306 TA
 3516B  C9 ACERT  G3516 TA  G3412 NA
 3516B HD  3306B  G3512E  G3508 LE
 C32 ACERT  3406C  G3516 LE  G3508 TA
 3512 HV  C15 ACERT  G3516B  G3512 TA
 3512B HV  C18 ACERT  G3516 (SRR)  G3512 LE
 3512B HD  C27 ACERT  G3516B CHP  G3516 TA
 3512B HD HV  C18  G3516C  G3606
 3516  C32 ACERT  G3516C IM  G3516B
 3516B  3512  G3516E CHP  G3608
 3516B HV  3512 HV  G3520C  G3520C
 3516B HD  3512C  G3520C IM  G3520C LE
 3516B HD HV  3512C HV  G3520C LE  G3516C
 3606  3512B  G3520C CMM  G3520C
 C175-16  3512B HV  G3520E CHP  G3520E
 3608  3516  G3612  G3520C IM
 3612  3516 HV  G3616  G3612
 3616  3516B  -  -
 3412  3516B HV  -  -
 -  3516C  -  -
 -  3516C HV  -  -
 -  3516C HD  -  -
 -  3516C HD MV  -  -
 -  3516C HD HV  -  -
 -  3606  -  -
 -  3608  -  -
 -  C175-16  -  -
 -  3612  -  -
 -  3616  -  -
 -  3412C  -  -


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