Fuel Tank Polishing & Cleaning Service

Fuel Tank Polishing/Cleaning Service

fuel tank polishing and cleaningAs part of its full palette of auxiliary services for power generation equipment owners, Worldwide Power Products offers a fuel tank polishing/cleaning service that reconditions, stabilizes and decontaminates diesel fuel to remove water, sludge and sediments that naturally accumulate in diesel fuel tanks. The process thoroughly cleans fuel tanks while restoring diesel fuel to a pristine condition.

When conducted on the recommended schedule, the process reduces the incidence of generator problems due to dirty or tainted fuel entering the engine, resulting in longer engine life (more than double, per industry averages). It also extends the life of fuel tanks, fuel and engine oil and provides optimal fuel quality for peak engine performance and reliability.
WPP’s service is a multi-step process designed for optimal cleaning of both the tank and the fuel:

• A heavy-duty pre-screening process removes large bits of sludge, rust scale and other contaminants from the tank.
• An advanced fuel-tank cleaning system―combining high-capacity filtration, fuel conditioning and water separation―completes the cleaning process.
• Technicians add a fuel treatment and catalyst to the tank, which removes engine deposits and prevents their future formation, reducing fuel consumption (up to 10%) as well as emissions. The treatment also lowers exhaust temperatures, which reduces NOx production.

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WPP also offers fuel management, analysis & filtering  to ensure your generator is running on high-quality fuel that it is contaminant free, helping your generators to achieve predictable, maximum performance and runtime.

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