Quick Connect Box


With a quick-connect box, powering your business with a portable generator becomes a fast and simple task, even in the event of an emergency. Don’t wait until disaster strikes to install one at each of your locations.

Prices as low as $2299

When a permanent generator is not an option due to the many costs associated with owning a generator but you need to be prepared for power outages, the Powertron ® Tap Box is an economical solution. The Powertron ® Tap Box makes your facility “emergency power ready” , avoiding the costly and time-consuming process of connecting temporary power.

Powertron ® 400 & 400UL Tap BoxPowertron ® 800 Tap BoxPowertron ® 1200 & 1600 Tap Box

Benefits :

  • Allows you to predetermine load requirements, generator sizing, cable lengths & location for the temporary generator, minimizing customer and employee disruptions.
  • Establish a quick method of connecting power.
  • Security is not compromised with exposed cable connections running down hallways and through doorways

Features of the Powertron® Tap Box:

  • A custom designed, NEMA 3R weather tight enclosure
  • An upper lockable door for the hardwiring connections
  • A GFI outlet to power the block heater and battery charger for quick and reliable cold weather operation
  • Start/stop terminals allowing for automatic operation when used with an automatic transfer switch
  • Weather shield provides additional protection against inclement weather conditions while connected to the generator
  • Industry Standard Power Connectors

Sizes Available:

Powertron® 400 & 400UL:

  • Available in 208, 240 or 480 Volt Three Phase Rated for 400 Amps.
  • 400: 24″ High x 24″ Wide x 12″ Deep, Steel Enclosure
  • 400UL: 30″ High x 30″ Wide x 12″ Deep, Aluminium Enclosure

Powertron® 800:

  • Available in 208, 240 or 480 Volt Three Phase Rated for 800 Amps.
  • 30″ High x 24″ Wide x 12″ Deep, Steel Enclosure

Powertron® 1200 & 1600:

  • Available in 208, 240 or 480 Volt Three Phase Rated for 1200 or 1600 Amps.
  • 56″ High x 29″ Wide x 30″ Deep, Steel Enclosure

Generator vs. Tap Box Cost

Permanant Emergency Response Tap Box
Purchase (not including installation) $50,000 0 as low as $2299*
Annual Maintenance $1,800 0 0
Annual fuel cost for weekly exercising $500 0 0
Emergency response electrician cost to tie in temporary power 0 $3000-4500
each trip
Power up time ** ‘<‘ 10 Seconds 3-4 hours + 10 minutes
* Does not include delivery time and cost of the rental generator
** Installation will fluctuate based on the proximity of the tap box to electrical panel. Install estimates include transfer switch, labor and miscellaneous material. Copper wire,conduit,and labor rate may affect estimates.
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