Lights Out!: Top 5 Sporting Event Power Outages

The top five sporting even power outages range in severity from temporary electrical failures to outright forces of nature. Some power failures even resulted in thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths. Check out the list and see if you remember where you were when the television feed went dark.

Fascinating graphic: top sources and uses of energy in the USA in 2014

When most people are asked about where energy comes from, the most obvious sources come to mind first. Electrical power comes from a nearby generator plant, and gasoline comes from imported oil. These are the two most common sources of energy most of us know about and think we know where they are generated. However, these two categories do not make up all the energy used in the U.S. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or E.P.A., put together a very fascinating visual display of how energy is brought into the country and how it is consumed performing various functions. What at first looks like a big green log with split ends is really an informative energy flow map of all the big areas of energy production and consumption. Everytime I look at it, I learn something new. And many common assumptions are very different from reality. For example, foreign oil only represents a little over 23 percent of energy resources available to Americans. And electrical energy generally come

Lights Out (Insert Your Hometown Here)! Reports: USA power grid fizzling out

Someone said that lightning never strikes the same place twice. That may be true, but for power outages not so much. The city of Detroit suffered its fourth power outage in five years on Dec. 2, 2014. According to news reports, the aging municipally owned and operated system suffered blackouts in 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014. Crumbling Power Grid Leads to Blackouts Detroit is not the only city in the United States with power grid systems ready to fail due to age, lack of maintenance, and vulnerability to terrorist attacks. And while there is lots of talk about rebuilding infrastructure, I have heard little about protection from terrorists. Numerous studies, both private and public, agree that the concerns about the vulnerability of the national electrical to fail is at an all-time high. The system suffers from continuing vulnerabilities, such as aging equipment, outdated engineering, and system structures that are obsolete. Adding to these problems is the lack of adequate security a

How Generators Can Save the Holiday Season

A lack of power can quickly sap the festive cheer from your holiday celebrations. Read on to discover how a generator can keep your spirits high all the way from Thanksgiving to New Year's. Don't Let Lights Overload Your Electrical Circuits Image via Flickr by Loozrboy   Twinkling Christmas lights look lovely at this time of year, but they can easily overload your electrical circuit. Traditional circuits are made to power an ordinary family home or business, so they can crumble under the extra strain of strings of lights and animatronic festive figurines. Circuit breakers and fuses trip or blow when circuits are overloaded, which can affect your lights and appliances inside and outside the house. Rig up a generator and you can have a Christmas display worthy of the Griswold's without the stress.   Protect Against Power Outage Power is essential for a smoothly running festive season. You rely on your electric stove to cook the bird, roast potatoes, and other treats

Ghost towns in shale plays back from the dead. Will they last?

  "Ghost towns may not stay dead with oil nearby, but when energy money leaves, warmer places are likelier to survive." I recently read an interesting article that former ghost town Helena, Texas is back from the dead thanks to the shale boom. For anyone that visits these shale plays in Texas, and similarly in North Dakota, its quite obvious how overwhelmed little towns previously left for dead are at accommodating the population boom. Do the community leaders and entrepreneurs build out infrastructure made to last, or just try to weather the storm? The answer, obviously, depends on how long the interlopers stay. The phrase “ghost town” conjures images of rolling tumbleweed, shattered wooden storefronts, and deserted streets. One almost expects to see a spirit rising up out of a dry well or haunting the saloon where, perhaps, it died in a bar fight. The one thing you don’t expect is to hear that the ghost town is making a rebound and doin’ fine. Yet that’s exa

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