6 Factors Affecting Natural Gas Prices (And 1 That’s Raising Them Now)

These six factors affecting natural gas prices can change with the season, influencing business and consumer buying decisions. Find out the one that’s raising them now.

Dual-fuel kits help reduce Eagle Ford emmissions

Texas is a large state. Everything about Texas comes super sized, including the Eagle Ford Shale Play – it is the biggest single development project in the great state of Texas. My company, Worldwide Power Products (WPP), is in Houston. As its vice president, I follow the happenings at Eagle Ford carefully. One aspect of the play as it undergoes development is the commitment of the stakeholders to disrupt the environment as little as possible. This effort includes curtailing emissions from power generator equipment and diesel motors. It is an area of concern out in the production fields where WPP helps oil and gas producers meet their commitment to cleaner sources of energy. As a worldwide provider of engines and power generator to oil and gas developers around the globe, we recently signed a partnership arrangement with GFS Corporation, a company that makes bi-fuel kits that once fitted on a diesel generator or engine allows it to accept natural gas as a fuel. Once installed, the

Shale Gas: Not Made in China

While “Made in China” may be as ubiquitous a brand as Coca Cola, shale gas exports from China, at least for now, won’t measure up like toys and footwear. With possibly the planet's largest amount of technically recoverable shale gas resources, China has been looking forward to making a name for itself in the shale gas business. In 2013 China ranked 3rd in natural gas usage in the world, with a whopping 166 billion cubic meters consumed. But it appears as if early attempts to reach their 2020 fuel goals have proved to be much harder than original estimates and now China is looking to recover from crazy, obviously unattainable initial goals. Trouble Breaking the Barrier When it comes to breaking ground, it seems that China's government may have had eyes that were much bigger than their resources could handle. In 2012 China's National Energy Administration set a very large goal of pumping somewhere between 60 to 80 billion cubic meters (bcm) of shale gas by the year 2020. Disappo

Texas Earthquake Injection Wells

Injection Wells: Mysterious Cause of Texas Earthquakes or Convenient Scapegoat? During the early 1800s, a band of English craftspeople, the Luddites, formed a collective and destroyed new textile machines. They were afraid of the new technology and assumed it would deprive them of their livelihood.In such an account, fear and indignation derives from a misperception of a personal threat. To quote a familiar adage, the more things change, the more they stay the same. On an almost weekly basis, those scanning the headlines can find another example of technophobic alarmism.Consider, for example, the latest scare tactic co-opted by groups in opposition to hydraulic fracking. They contend that disposal wells associated with natural gas well drilling, also known as “injection wells,” have set off tremors in North Texas, and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area in particular.In recent years, gas drilling has proliferated in the Barnett Shale, an immense sedimentary rock formation underlying

Fracking, Fracking Everywhere

Perhaps to defend itself against charges that its stories have lost cultural relevance, the movie industry has jumped into one of today’s most contentious issues. Yes, Hollywood has joined the great energy debate. But should we be paying attention? In the past four years, not one, but two Gasland movies have put the energy industry in the crosshairs. In both films, director Josh Fox strives to illustrate the dangers of hydraulic fracturing of wells. While Fox can be commended for his passion for a very important topic – our nation’s gas production – I am disappointed by the sensationalism he substitutes for simple honesty. He plays especially fast and loose with the facts in his depiction of the effect fracking has on the drinking water of residents who live near natural gas wells. To date, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has verified the industry’s claim that there are zero cases on record of water wells being poisoned due to fracking. What Fox also didn

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