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No matter what the need or application, Worldwide Power Products has one of the largest collections of fully inspected and tested new surplus, low-hour used and remanufactured generators in the world. Whether you seek a Caterpillar generator or Cummins generator; a used portable generator or a stationary generator for standby power or prime power generation, or a reliable used marine generator for your rig or ship, we can match you with the perfect unit. Our generator sets range in size from 20kW – 2500kW and we can ship worldwide. All units are backed by our industry-leading reputation for excellent quality and customer service. We also install and maintain generators based on customer needs.
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  1. 1600 kW


  2. Sold
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    Caterpillar 3512C Generator Set

    1500 kW

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  5. Detroit Diesel 12V149TA Power Module

    1250 kW

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  6. Sold
  7. On Sale

    Caterpillar G3516 Generator Set

    820 kW

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  8. Sold
  9. Sold
  10. Sold

    Caterpillar 3508 Generator Set

    750 kW

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  11. Price Reduced
  12. Sale Pending

    NEW Caterpillar C18 Generator Set

    600 kW

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  14. Sold
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  16. Sold
  17. Sold

    Caterpillar 3412 Generator Set

    455 kW

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  18. Sold

    New Caterpillar C15 Generator Set

    440 kW

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  19. Sold
  20. Sold
    3406C Generator set

    3406C Generator set

    400 kW

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  25. Sold
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    CAT 3406C Generator Set

    CAT 3406C Generator Set

    350 kW

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    HIPOWER HFW-80 T6U Generator Set

    80 kW

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  41. TEST SA

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  44. Sold
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