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WPP offers a wide selection of quality diesel generators in sizes ranging from 20kW – 2500kW. Whether you seek portable or stationary diesel generators―for prime, continuous or standby usage―we can ensure you find what you are looking for.
The simplest explanation of a generator’s function: it provides electrical power. A diesel generator is the combination of a diesel engine with an alternator (also called a generator end) to generate electrical energy. This alternator houses electrical conductors which react to the engine’s mechanical energy and convert it into useful electrical power.
We have many informative articles describing how generators work and which to choose for a particular application.
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  1. Sale Pending
  2. Sale Pending
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    Caterpillar 3512C Generator Set

    1500 kW

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  4. Detroit Diesel 12V149TA Power Module

    1250 kW

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  5. Sold
  6. Sold
  7. Sold

    Caterpillar 3508 Generator Set

    750 kW

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  8. Price Reduced
  9. Sale Pending

    NEW Caterpillar C18 Generator Set

    600 kW

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  10. Sold
  11. Sold
  12. CAT C15 Generator Set

    500 kW


  13. Sold
  14. Sold

    Caterpillar 3412 Generator Set

    455 kW

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  15. Sold

    New Caterpillar C15 Generator Set

    440 kW

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  16. Sold
  17. Sold
  18. Sold
  19. Sold
  20. Sold
  21. Sold
  22. Sold
  23. Sale Pending

    HIPOWER HFW-80 T6U Generator Set

    80 kW

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